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Recording & Mix

Bringing extensive on-set experience in film and video sound, expertise lies in delivering exceptional audio quality through precise boom pole operation and meticulous mixing. Specialized in discreet lavalier microphone placement in diverse wardrobe conditions, adept at seamless adaptation to costumes while maintaining optimal sound quality. Count on seasoned on-set proficiency to elevate your project's audio.


Videography services focus on capturing authentic behind-the-scenes moments for your project. From unplanned interactions to carefully choreographed scenes, ensuring a genuine portrayal of the creative process. Whether documenting the magic behind your project or creating visually captivating fashion films, the focus is on enhancing the on-set experience and bringing a cinematic touch to narrative and documentary productions.

Creative Directing

Dedicated to elevating your visual narrative, my approach extends to creative direction for photography and video, ensuring a standout final product, regardless of my role on set. Whether orchestrating shoots, guiding visual storytelling, or enhancing the overall creative direction, count on a seamless and impactful execution that translates your ideas into compelling cinematic images.

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